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16 Apr

ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is a sort of IVF (in vitro fertilization) that is usually used in situations of extreme male infertility, after oocyte freezing (egg freezing) or after frequent frustration with the conventional IVF efforts. In the case of regular IVF, numerous sperms are placed with an egg commonly. This is made so that the sperm penetrates the egg and fertilizes it quickly. Opposite to that, the ICSI process includes the embryologist taking a single sperm and shooting directly into an egg.

In particular, IVF clinics in Mumbai, ICSI are suggested for every IVF cycle. In embryologist centre in mumbai, the procedure is reserved only for those with severe male infertility and for particular medical reasons. Not with standing being a very advanced method, there are some limitations of ICSI, which are intrinsically connected with its risk factors. It is because of these problems; there are arguments upon the method being used routinely.

Why is ICSI done?

The regular use of ICSI is severe male infertility, which includes:

• Oligospermia or insufficient sperm number
• Teratozoospermia or abnormal state of the sperm
• Asthenozoospermia or poor motility of the sperm.

A man is providing sperm, but his ejaculate doesn’t include any sperm. It is reasonable to recover the sperms via TESE or testicular sperm removal. When TESE is used for sperm retrieval, it is essential to use ICSI. The method is also used when the return of the sperm is obtained from the urine of the man, i.e., in the state of retrograde ejaculation.

IVF Clinic Mumbai

While male infertility treatment in Mumbai is the primary purpose for the use of ICSI, it isn’t the only one. Other reasons may involve:

• Loss of fertilized eggs while prior IVF cycles: If the eggs are recovered in good numbers and the sperm count seems to be useful as well, but the eggs do not cover. Then ICSI is an opportunity during the next cycle of IVF.

• Treatment of frozen sperm: ICSI is suggested if the frozen sperms don’t see going

• Treatment of frozen oocytes: In the event of egg vitrification, the shell of the eggs matches harden by cooling. Procreation grows difficult ICSI can win such developments.

• In vitro maturation (IVM): an IVF technology including retrieval of eggs from the ovaries before full maturation. The last steps of maturation are made in the lab. Different studies have evidenced that the rate of fertilization of IVM eggs by sperms is relatively lower than standard IVF. There is a call for more research to be done on that thing, but it is ever an attractive option to go with ICSI in the state of IVM.

The controversial use of ICSI

The advantages of ICSI are visible in so many places, and it is a better technology when the need occurs. However, there are places where completion rates are still controversial. Which covers:

• Eggs recovered in lower numbers: When there are few eggs, there is a chance that fertilization won’t happen. ICSI force is a viable alternative in this case, but there isn’t any data that live birth or pregnancy rates are increased with the aid of ICSI.

• Unexplained infertility: In the event of unexplained impotence, the problem of infertility is unexplained. To win it, ICSI is one of the steps to go. But, there is no indication that the completion rates with live births improved when ICSI was done for unexplained infertility.

• Higher parental age: Currently, there is no proof stating the effect of upper maternal age on fertilization rates. So, ICSI might not be required.

• Routine use of ICSI with IVF: It is considered by some creative endocrinologists that ICSI should be done for each patient for only reducing the chance of failure with dressing. However, there has been studying that reveals that only 1 out of every 33 patients end up profiting from ICSI being used routinely. The others did not get the advantages compared with ICSI, but they will be likely to the dangers.

What is the benefit of ICSI?

ICSI is a worthy alternative considering in state of inferior general negligence, emission difficulties, and other problems with male infertility. People undergoing these difficulties can get the advantages of ICSI treatment. It provides the male partner an excuse to father a child using his sperm. Couples can also go for ICSI ere Opting to donor sperm for viable sperms and there are many infertility doctors in Mumbai. ICSI can be done even if the man has experienced a vasectomy. In that case, viable sperm can be obtained right from testicles using special sperm retrieval procedures and introduced into the egg.

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