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31 Jul

Infertility has come down as a significant threat to the happiness of several couples across the world. While many of them are still looking forward to a solution, certain specific treatments and remedies have come to their rescue. Often, these couples would visit either the doctors or gynaecologists to find a cure for this issue. However, they come upfront to many awkward questions down the line during the whole treatment procedure.

Moreover, to find the main reason of this Infertility issue, you first need to take up the respective gynaecologist at Global IVF Fertility Center Mumbai as your friend, so as they would be able to identify the root cause behind your medical condition. During the process, the specialist will ask you several questions and you just need to answer them all with utmost ease as only then he or she would be able to start the most appropriate treatment for your medical issue.

The specialist might ask you some questions regarding the consistency you’ve in your intercourse. This would provide them with an idea of whether you are having the appropriate number of intercourse to increase the odds of getting pregnant.

IVF Clinic in Mumbai

Though, it is understood that these type of questions might appear to be too awkward at times, they are still relevant in terms of the treatment, which is about to follow. As per a recent survey, there are near 55% of the female population in the childbearing age group, having to go through several medical issues and the biggest one of them is Endometriosis.

As per the different medical research conducted regarding sperm freezing in Mumbai in recent years, it was been ascertained that while using laparoscopic surgery, it is quite possible to abandon the uneven tissue lining which can probably unblock tubes. This surgery has emerged as the most commonly used treatment to increase the chances of getting pregnant. In addition to it, some of the other root causes of Infertility are:

  1. Blocked Or Damaged Fallopian Tubes: This medical issue bound or avoid the fertilized eggs to shift into the uterus and the respective sperm from mating with the eggs.
  2. PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: This type of medical issue makes the ovaries to have an extreme number of tiny cysts that prevent the body from ovulating.
  3. Bad Quality Eggs: This issue is mostly age-specific. The quantity and quality of the eggs tend to decline for the females in their late 30’s or in the start of 40’s. In all such cases, donor eggs or surrogacy is the most appropriate solution. To get the same done, you can meet up the best gynaecologist at Global IVF Fertility Center and get the required treatment.
  4. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): This medical condition has been termed as one of the biggest cause behind female infertility, currently. In this situation, the ovaries have an extreme number of tiny cysts and don’t ovulate mainly due to the absence of hormonal balance.

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