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09 Mar

Women believe that their egg count is the chief indicator of their fertility. But the truth is egg count is just a part of the equation the essential factor of fertility is the quality of egg and turning down of egg quality is natural, the predictable result of age.

Here we have listed everything you need to know about the egg quality and fertility.

It has been proved that turning down in the quality of the egg is natural in all ways but let us restate: When a female is born, she born with all her eggs, about 1-2 million. After some time, the supply of healthy eggs stopped due to the mainly two reasons.

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1. With the age of women, the quality of the women’s egg decreases that seems to be a serious and complex reason. Women born with all their eggs and these eggs stay dormant in the ovaries in a primordial and immature form, they remain in this form until their call to action in every month in which they possibly are ovulated. Before the ovulation, these immature eggs undergo some steps of maturation that includes meiosis (cell division). The eggs that have got old most likely to face some serious faults during the process of maturation. This is why when the older eggs get ovulated; there are more chances of them to contain abnormal DNA. DNA is the main factor that tells cells to perform their functions and without a normal DNA, the cell can’t perform their functions and make a normal and healthy baby. This is why as women age; their eggs become unhealthy which is one of the main reasons of the increase in number of ivf clinic in Mumbai.

2. Every woman loses some of their eggs each month; the rate is about a thousand per month after teens. When they hit to the age of 35, the percentage remains six per cent of their left egg count. Opting for an ivf treatment in Mumbai can be a solution for this.

Some eggs in women body remain inserted away inside the ovary affected the process of ageing (doesn’t predict how? until now) and cannot be affected by the preponderance of the tear and wear the left of your body weathers. This has some pros and cons: It is stated that the health of the egg doesn’t influence by the illness and toxins, same it doesn’t improve by any supplement, antioxidants and nutrients that support a healthy function of cells in other parts of the body.

Every woman has some fraction of abnormal eggs. As per the research of embryo that has created from different ages women’s eggs, the fraction is about 20% in the early 20s of women whereas women that have hit to the 40 have 80% of abnormal eggs. This turning off in the quality of egg quality and fertility has noticed on a large scale across the population. Most eggs that have abnormal DNA is also called as “aneuploidy”, they don’t fertilize. Therefore, the relationship between fertility and egg quality is immense. For a healthy baby who has healthy DNA, good health of egg is essential. Declining in Egg quality can be the reason for Down syndrome miscarriage.

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