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07 Apr

At Mumbai-based Global Fertility Solution Clinic in India, we will continue to identify the importance of the functioning as a structured unit in the overall IVF treatment plan in India for the health care team. Right from the staff member– to the doctors to the IVF supervisor, play…

cost of ivf in mumbai india
14 Feb

As per the reports, the rate of infertility of Indian Couples has decreased by more than 50% in recent times. The rate of fertility has decreased considerably in the last 5 years as referenced from outcomes of the surveys. On communication with Goral Gandhi, scientific director and IVF…

20 Feb

This technology of egg freezing is a boon for women today who need to or wish to delay their pregnancy due to medical needs or any other reasons or priorities. After ICSI, egg freezing is the next big technological advancement in the field of fertility. SIMPLY PUT, using this technique, women can get pregnant at the time of their choice. Let us read about a few things that each woman who is thinking about egg freezing must know: read more