Surrogacy centres in Mumbai
04 Sep

You might be wondering what conventional surrogacy entails if your doctor has advised surrogacy treatment in Mumbai. Well, to make it easier and simpler for you, we hereby list down every crucial aspect and element in the same context.

What surrogacy law in India says?

Due to a ban on commercial surrogacy, surrogacy in Mumbai is exclusively available to Indian citizens. Moreover, given the overwhelming surrogate mother exploitation and postpartum parental abandonment of children, this practice has been prohibited in India since 2015. According to Indian law, same-sex couples are not permitted to use surrogacy; only heterosexual couples are permitted. The restriction prevents foreign partners from using surrogates in India. You must have been married for at least five years and possess a valid certificate of infertility in order to be considered for surrogacy in India.

What financial impact will surrogacy have on a person?

The entire surrogacy cost will vary depending on a number of factors. This may include:

Type of surrogacy option chosen

There are two types of surrogacy: gestational and conventional. Traditional surrogacy will be less expensive than gestational surrogacy because the latter requires a more sophisticated procedure. In traditional surrogacy treatment in Mumbai, the surrogate mother conceives by IUI treatment whereas in it, IVF treatment helps the surrogate conceive. IUI is less expensive than IVF. But most of the surrogacy center in Mumbai recommends gestational surrogacy first.


The surrogacy cost in Mumbai will depend on where you receive it. That said, the cost of a surrogate will vary between urban areas and other states. For example, a surrogate mother in Mumbai will prove to be more costly than a surrogate mother in any random city or region in India.

Legal requirements

In accordance with the law, the surrogate mother and the couple will be bound by the contract regarding surrogacy in Mumbai. The costs associated with the paperwork and legal fees will have an impact on the overall price of the surrogacy package offered by the surrogacy center in Mumbai.

Finding a surrogate

You can either choose from the agencies or search for a surrogate mother yourself. Moreover, it will cost more to find the ideal match for surrogate mother agencies. The costs for finding and screening the surrogate will rise if you are unable to choose the best candidate from a small pool of candidates.

Medication cost

As it is necessary during the entire process of surrogate conception to delivery, medicines will have an impact on the surrogacy cost.

Tests and diagnosis

The cost of surrogacy will be influenced by the surrogate mother’s routine exams after the pregnancy has been confirmed.


As a Cesarean delivery is more expensive than a typical vaginal delivery, the type of delivery will have an impact on the overall surrogacy cost.

What is the surrogacy cost in Mumbai?

In India, surrogacy is substantially more expensive than in other nations. That said, the above factors will largely affect surrogacy costs in Mumbai. In the city, surrogacy costs start at INR 12,00,000. It is an IVF cycle package that includes a surrogate mother, medicine, and self-produced sperm and eggs.

Depending on the couple’s wants and approaches, it may reach INR 20,00,000. Multiple IVF cycles using own and donor eggs and sperm, medication, and a surrogate mother are all included. The cost of surrogacy in India would be influenced by the reputation of the clinic, the expertise of the specialists, the demands of the intended mother, and IVF cycle failures. The overall cost of surrogacy is impacted by the surrogate mother’s cost in Mumbai because it includes her compensation, additional fees, a career, and regular exams.

Final words

Intended parents must know that surrogacy is a cost-effective option. Hence, they must be prepared in advance for all the related costs while getting along with their surrogacy journey.

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