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14 Aug

Infertility is a condition of not getting pregnant, even after having unprotected sex. This condition is diagnosed in every 1 out of 6 couples. Female infertility is very common and out of all the infertility cases about 50% cases can be seen in females. Mumbai IVF centers Global Fertility Solution where a couple can go and feel relax as many treatment options are available these days.

What causes female infertility ?

• Problems with ovulation

• Damage or blockage in fallopian tubes

• Damage to uterus or problems with cervix

• Age can also be a factor. Fertility naturally decreases with age.

• A tumor or cyst

• Alcohol or drug use

• Intense exercise routine

• Stress

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How can female infertility be treated at home ?

• Eating healthy diet is one of the most important natural infertility treatments at home. Add organic food to your diet and avoid foods which have contact with pesticides as it can solely reduce hormonal level in the body. Take foods rich in vitamin C and also take grains. You can take a proper diet chart from a gynaecologist. IVF Doctors Mumbai of Global IVF Fertility Center are specialized in infertility treatment.

• Have a check on what you drink. Heavy drinking of alcohol can cause ovulation problems in women. Alcohol taken in limited quantity, however doesn’t have an effect on fertility. Have caffeine in controlled manner. Caffeine has both good and bad effects on our health and hence it should be taken in right manner. Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated throughout the day.

• Research has proved that increased stress has direct impact on a woman’s fertility. Determine what causes stress and get rid of the activities which cause stress, may be physical or mental stress. Reducing stress can make a huge difference in your fertility. If you are unable to deal with it, you can visit Global IVF Fertility Center for an ivf treatment in India and have a counselling session.

• Exercise, but put a limit to it. Over exercising can be harmful for women. Giving unnecessary stress to the body can make you infertile. Exercise should be done, but in the right manner and right amount.

• Research has shown that not sleeping right can negatively affect a woman’s fertility, hence it is very important to get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep reduces the stress level in your body and hence, increases the chances of conceiving.

• Avoid doing rotational shifts. It has been proved that rotational shifts affect a lot of women and obstructs in their chances of getting pregnant.

Given are some of the natural treatments of infertility; if it doesn’t do any good to you, consult the best gynaecologist in Mumbai at  Global IVF Fertility Center.

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