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07 Apr

At Mumbai-based Global Fertility Solution Clinic in India, we will continue to identify the importance of the functioning as a structured unit in the overall IVF treatment plan in India for the health care team. Right from the staff member– to the doctors to the IVF supervisor, play a critical role in providing the high-level reproductive healthcare to our patients. Further, Global Fertility Solution Clinic Mumbai is dedicated in providing Better IVF services. Also, we create a stronger fertility option and support system for couples who are planning to build a family. Inside our IVF Clinic  Mumbai, India, we deliver both Infertility treatments.

We delivered more than 9,000 babies from Team Global Fertility Solution in India, in 32 countries and six continents. We have a team of highly dedicated ART Clinicians and Embryologists. The Medical Director of Global Fertility Solution Clinics has 26 years of experience in the field of ART, and the Laboratories Director has 23 years of experience. While we evolve –our strength is our dedication to keeping pace with new, cutting-edge technology. New technologies like IVF Lite in Mumbai Vitrification or Enhance IVF Therapy in Bangalore, India or Natural CYCLE IVF, Segmented IVF, Mini IVF, Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS), Conventional IVF, Donor Egg IVF Centre, ICSI have always been at the forefront of adaptation.

She is India’s best and leading embryologist with more than 25 years of experience in the field of IVF and Assisted Reproductive Techniques. Her confidence in battling for infertility encouraged her to educate other women about this new way of preserving their fertility. She is the Director of Scientific and Laboratory at Bandra Mumbai, with the best infertility doctors in Mumbai. Goral is an IVF consultant and has trained more than 600 embryologists worldwide. Goral Gandhi has an amazing experience in Egg freezing IVF, IVF lite, ICSI, Donor egg IVF, Frozen embryo transfer, and Segmented IVF. All of these make her a key to empowering women and getting them a step closer to their vision of becoming a mum!

Embryology Techniques Used By The Best Embryologists in Mumbai

• Blastocyst embryotransfer: The term ‘ blastocyst’ applies to the point the human embryo enters following fertilization around five or six days later. It is the stage of development that the embryo will come in the lining of the uterus before it can grow and implant. Thus, the blastocyst has a thin coating, which increases the potential to connect itself to the uterus.

• Freezing of embryos: Embryo freezing (or Embryo Banking) is nowadays the most well-established way of maintaining fertility. More than one embryo is usually made, and only one is used in the fertilization phase. So instead of discarding them, they will be stored and used later if the pair wants to have another child or given to the low-income family. The success rate of implantation of frozen embryos is comparable to that of the implantation of a fresh embryo.

• Laser-assisted hatching: The membrane (Zona pellucida) covering the egg enables the entrance of one sperm per egg when the egg and sperm can combine. Once the embryo is ready to hatch off the membrane to bind itself to the uterus, the egg and sperm fertilize. The membrane disrupts typically on its own, but the hatching does not proceed on its own in the case of older women or some other circumstances, and laser-assisted hatching is used to hatch the embryo and insert it into the uterus.

At Global Fertility Solution, Mumbai, these Advanced Embryology procedures are done to resolve all infertility issues with the pair and help them fulfill their dreams of being parents of their babies.

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