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23 Aug

In vitro fertilization has proved to be a blessing for infertile couples and helped them have babies even though they are infertile. The baby that is born through such procedures is known as a test tube baby. IVF treatment cost in India is quite low as compared to other countries in the world. So even the couples who might have stepped back due to the high costs of IVF can now have IVF procedures at very low costs in the low cost IVF center in Mumbai.  Couples need to know the procedures of IVF so that they can be sure about the decision. If you are one among them, then patiently read the article below and take the big step.

 The procedure of IVF Treatment

1)Consultation with the IVF specialist- The first step in IVF involves consultation with the IVF specialist. They will carry out all tests and check whether you can have the IVF. They will tell you the chance of the success rates of the IVF treatment.

2) Ovulation Induction– If you are using your eggs. The doctor will stimulate ovulation by giving you hormones. Multiple egg production is stimulated rather than single egg production by giving hormones such as follicle-stimulating hormone ( FSH) and luteinizing hormone ( LH). After 8-14 days, you will be given Human chorionic gonadotropin to stimulate egg maturation and then the medications to prevent the early release of eggs before time.

3) Egg Retrieval– The next procedure is the retrieval of the eggs from your ovaries. The doctor performs the international ultrasound and uterine ultrasound to confirm the position of the egg. Then, using the needle connected to the suction device, eggs are removed very carefully from the follicles. Matured eggs are removed and placed in the culture medium. At fertilization, the eggs that look mature and healthy enough are mixed with the sperm.

If the patient has certain infertility problems, they can also opt for an egg donor. The same procedure is then performed on the egg donor.

4) Sperm Retrieval– If the patient himself wants to donate sperm, then the samples of their semen are collected at the hospital by performing an act of masturbation the same day the eggs are retrieved. The sperm can also be collected alternatively through the procedure of testes aspirations in which the sperm are directly retrieved from the testes of the donor.

5) Fertilization– After retrieving sperm and egg, the fertilization procedures are carried by one of the two common procedures—conventional insemination- in which mature sperm and eggs are allowed to fertilize on their own. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection – in this procedure, sperm is directly injected into the mature egg. After fertilization, eggs are incubated until the layer zona pellucida falls, allowing eggs to implant in the uterus.

6) Embryo transfer– Several genetic testings are performed to ensure no genetic disorders by examining the small sample from the embryo. After that, the doctor safely implants the embryo in the uterus by inserting a catheter into the vagina. You can get a surrogate mother if your uterus is not healthy.

These are steps involved in In Vitro fertilization.

Before starting the procedure, you should do thorough research, get acquainted with the IVF treatment in Mumbai, and find the hospital providing the best services at a low cost.

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