Egg Donation in Mumbai

What is IVF Egg donation?

Some women can’t use their own eggs because of the non-availability of good eggs or low ovarian reserve, or premature ovarian failure for their fertility treatment. In some cases, menopausal women also need IVF treatment in Mumbai. In such cases, they consider using an egg donor. Egg donors are women who like to choose to support those who need extra help starting or growing their family – and they are women just like you and me.

An egg donation IVF is a process in which the eggs are procured from another woman to make embryos for another woman. The egg donors in Mumbai are properly screened by gamete donor banks and the data bank of such egg/oocyte donors is provided to us. The females are young and proven fertile from good families. They are good-looking, Caucasian/ African/Mongolian egg donors from all communities of India with background data. We can easily get a proper match for our patients.

Get the Best Egg Donor in Mumbai

We are a recognized and renowned egg . Our well-experienced IVF Expert team possesses a high level of expertise and specialization to serve according to the needs of our clients.

Why do you choose us

  • We take immense pride in stating that we have attained remarkable success rates in egg donation cycles.
  • We have partnered with some of the most elite egg donor agencies and further screened each and every donor on the hardest possible medical criteria and infectious diseases like HIV1; HIV2; HIV PCR; HBsAg; HCV, and VDRL. We encourage our patients to choose Egg donors below the age of 30 years in order to ensure high-quality eggs for their treatment.
  • We also have our own International egg donor in Mumbai database tie-ups in regard to International egg donors.
  • Here at Global IVF Fertility , the choice always stays with you in regard to the start of the treatment process and also the choice of fresh egg donors or frozen donor eggs.
  • You can further expect all the individual attention from your donor egg coordinator and physician during every step of the treatment process.

You will get to experience only the perfect blend of high-quality healthcare and cutting-edge medical and clinical excellence here. Book your appointment to know more about Egg donation in Mumbai.