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15 Sep

IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination which is a fertility treatment that involves artificial insemination to insert sperm into the uterus of a woman, facilitating fertilization. There are other forms of artificial insemination that target the vagina for placing the sperm, but IUI targets the uterus, enhancing the possibilities of sperm to reach the fallopian tube, resulting in a pregnancy.

Why to opt for IUI ?

As mentioned earlier, IUI is a fertility procedure or treatment and is done for different reasons such as low sperm mobility or low sperm count in males, hostile cervical mucus condition in women or unexplained infertility. Sometimes, doctors suggest IUI due to certain sexual dysfunctions such as reduced ejaculation as well as pain during sexual intercourse.

Sexually transmitted illnesses like HIV can influence the need for IUI to decrease the risk of transferring the illness. Failure of fertility drugs can also be a deciding factor. IUI can be a great assisted reproductive alternative for same-sex couples. For further details, contact Global IVF Fertility Center, Mumbai for IUI treatment.

IUI is nearly a painless and short procedure

The fertility specialist will administer a series of medications to stimulate ovulation before carrying out the procedure. In this phase, the eggs are closely monitored to know when they are enough matured. During ovulation, the procedure is ideally carried out.

Experts wash the semen sample in the laboratory for separating the semen and the seminal fluid and then the sperm is inserted directly into the uterus using a catheter. Since, the sperm is directly and perfectly placed in the womb; it increases the cell number ready for fertilization, hence the chances of getting pregnant.

Who is not eligible for IUI treatment ?

• Women experiencing severe fallopian tube diseases

• Females diagnosed with pelvic infections

• Women going through a moderate or severe form of endometriosis


The chances of infection are actually quite low during the IUI procedure. Though, in some cases, a small amount of bleeding can occur while the IUI procedure is carried out due to the insertion of the catheter in the uterus.

Usually, the IUI procedure does not result in multiple pregnancies such as twins or triplets. But, if the patient considers taking medications to induce ovulation, the chances of multiple births can increase significantly. Numerous births can lead to more serious complications such as premature labor or low birth weight.

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How the Fertility Drugs Affect ?

Typically, patients are advised to take certain fertility drugs for augmenting the possibilities of pregnancy. Such drugs are responsible for stimulating the ovaries, influencing them to produce multiple eggs regarding the fertilization procedure. As a result, the odds of getting pregnant increase.

Male Infertility

Different factors can cause infertility in different couples, so both the partners should see a doctor identify the actual problem. Global IVF Fertility Center, Mumbai can help you to deal with your infertility problems. Male infertility issues are diagnosed following certain steps such as:

  1. Physical examination

This involves the examination of the genitals and the examiner will ask questions about chronic health issues, inherited conditions, diseases, surgeries or injuries that can affect fertility. The patient may also be asked about his sexual habits and sexual development during his puberty.

2. Semen Analysis

A patient can give his semen sample through masturbation and ejaculation in a container at the clinic. Semen samples can also be obtained through the use of a special condom during intercourse.

Semen samples are sent to the laboratory for measuring the number of sperm, looking for abnormalities in the shape and movement of the sperm. The lab also checks the semen sample for signs of complications like infections.


When you seek guidance from Global IVF Fertility Center, doctor may ask you for more tests for identifying the reason behind your infertility including hormone testing, scrotal ultrasound, genetic tests, post-ejaculation urinalysis etc.

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