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Once a couple starts along with an IVF treatment, there are a lot of doubts and questions which goes through their minds during the same process. Still the main motive always remains to push the success rate of IVF process and this is where a lots of misconceptions and myths needs to be eliminated.

There are a lot of myths and facts related to IVF and other assisted reproductive techniques. There needs to be a proper understanding of these procedures to be clear enough about what’s right and what’s wrong. Read about a few myths explained by the fertility doctors in Mumbai:

Myth 1: You cannot have control on the IVF process

You cannot have control over a lot of things in life; but you can do your best to have a successful result after a long process of IVF. There are lots of couples who generally think that the IVF process is all about the type of diagnosis and treatments in the process. This is simply not the right way as the overall success of the IVF process is a lot dependent on factors like a healthy diet, body weight  etc which can be checked upon. You might not be able to check and monitor the treatments and diagnosis but you can always keep a check on the food you eat and the lifestyle you follow. By maintaining a balanced diet and routine, a person can keep his or her body in shape and this can very much help in the course of the whole IVF treatment.

Myth 2:  You should have bed rest immediately after going through an embryo transfer

Another myth busted! Women going for an immediate long bed rest after the embryo transfer process thinking that it might improve the chances of the conception need to be corrected. They can resume their normal schedule after an hour of the process and can carry on with their day to day activities like normal. The only think they should do to avoid any mishap is not going for any rigorous workout or take any unwanted stress.

Myth 3: Eating any specific food enhances your overall chances of getting pregnant

This is another myth that is there with the couples looking for an IVF treatment. There isn’t any specific food which is known for boosting the pregnancy chance of a woman during the IVF treatment. Although you got to follow a balanced diet which must include super foods like nuts, green leafy vegetables, fruits and so on. This would not only help in getting a healthy pregnancy, but a healthy body and mind throughout the process .Still there are supplement like folic acid and Vitamin D which are prescribed by the fertility specialist during the IVF treatment.

Myth 4: IVF doesn’t work after the age of 40

Here is the truth behind the fact that IVF process cannot be successful for people aged more than 40.IVF can definitely be opted even after the age of 40 or more. The success rate of IVF treatment is not decided by the age but the health and the state of the reproductive organs of the male and females. Whereas the fact remains that one should always plan for a baby before 35 years of age because that’s when the fertility rate is high.

Myth 5: An unsuccessful IVF cycle is the end for your hopes of getting pregnant

One should not be disheartened after an unsuccessful cycle of IVF. If the first cycle goes waste that does not mean you can’t succeed in the other two cycles of IVF.  A person can go around with two or three IVF cycles and that can really enhance their chances of getting pregnant. Therefore, the couples must stay hopeful of getting success out of their treatment and should take all the necessary precautions in regards to their diet and routine in the process for a healthy and a positive outcome.

IVF is definitely the most and successful technology giving the infertile couples hopes of having a baby. IVF comes with its own set of facts and myths but most of these myths are busted by the fertility experts in Mumbai at our clinic Global Fertility Solution Mumbai.

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