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19 Jun

If you are planning to have your egg freezing then it is essential to do a little bit of research and find one of the best infertility clinics in India that offers you quality service at a reasonable cost.

Always remember that a renowned egg-freezing clinic will not only give you the best chances of success but also give you a perfect experience as a patient.

With time, advances in assisted reproductive technology have offered more options as well as flexibility for family planning and fertility preservation.

But before you choose any clinic for egg or embryo freezing in India, you need to consider few things to make a wise decision. But before that, you need to understand what is egg freezing and why you need to freeze your eggs?

What is egg freezing?

Egg freezing also called mature oocyte cryopreservation is basically a method that is used for saving women’s ability to get pregnant in the future. Eggs that are harvested from the ovaries of a woman are frozen unfertilized and then stored for later use.

It is important for you to know that a frozen egg can be liquefied and then combined with sperm in a lab as well as implanted in the uterus (in vitro fertilization)

However, if you are looking for the best embryologist center in India that offers quality treatment of egg freezing then simply contact Global Fertility Solution. You can find highly experienced doctors here like Goral Gandhi who has great experience in the field of egg freezing.

Embryo Freezing in India

Why do you need to freeze your eggs?

Nowadays, most women plan to freeze their eggs for several reasons like:

• To counteract decreasing ovarian function

• Preserve best egg viability for upcoming family building

• Preserve fertility in the presence of the right health conditions that might impact fertility in the future.

Selecting the Best and Right Egg Frozen Center

Before you choose any egg freezing clinic, it is important for you to consider a few factors that include:

Procedures for freezing eggs

You need to find a reputed clinic that believes only in freezing high-quality eggs.

Always remember that the possibilities of success are extremely high when top-quality eggs are frozen.

Consider the experience of the doctor

A doctor who has several years of experience in this field is more likely to have the right understanding and judgment skills in order to offer you quality treatment of egg freezing.

For egg frozen, you can choose the Global Fertility Solution clinic that has a team of experienced doctors.

Check the price of treatment

With a little bit of research, it is quite easy for you to find a doctor that charges reasonable rates for egg frozen treatment.

Take the help of the internet or your near & dear ones to find the clinic whose charges are at or below the average for your location.

Bedside manner

Communication plays a vital role in determining the successful relationship between doctor and patient.

It is necessary for you to find a doctor with whom you can discuss all your problems anytime and even feel comfortable while asking questions related to the treatment.

Pay attention to the success rates

Before you choose any egg frozen center, you need to consider the success rates of IVF for patients like you. The success rate needs to be at or above the national average.

Best Center for Egg Freezing in Mumbai

Global Fertility Solution is one of the best centers for egg freezing treatment in Mumbai. The founder & scientific director of this clinic Goral Gandhi has years of experience in providing fertility treatments for patients with a wide range of clinic needs, including egg freezing.

The egg freezing treatment gives you an opportunity to preserve your fertility safely until and unless you are ready to have children. Not only this, but it also gives women the flexibility to focus on career and have children when the timing is right for them.

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