27 Nov

Going for your first IVF treatment doesn’t come over as an easy decision. A person has to think about all the aspects, elements and procedures that may or may not impact their schedule and daily routine during the process.

This is the reason why an IVF treatment demands for a lot of patience from the person pursuing the treatment. Besides all these, you also need to take care of the precautions advised by your respective IVF expert. In any case, if you are a couple living in Mumbai and searching for the best IVF clinic in Mumbai, there are lots of points that mean you need to ponder beforehand.

Searching the best fertility clinic India

The first thing you need to do is searching the best ivf clinic mumbai within your vicinity. Once you’ve done that, the rest of the journey may go a bit easier and convenient. Now, once you look forward for an ideal clinic or an expert, always check their ratings and reviews from the previous clients.

Doing that, you can sure that mumbai ivf clinic will be able to better handle your respective case in the same manner. As you’re done with the searching of the IVF expert or clinic, you can now look forward to all the DOs and Don’ts that can impact your fertility journey via Mumbai fertility clinic.

What to do during the IVF treatment?

Once you get started with the IVF treatment, your first priority has to be the precautions and guidelines recommended by your IVF expert or clinic. Once you’re through, the next thing you have to focus on is your diet.

While the treatment, medicines and support from the best embryologist in india will do their job, it’s your diet which will play a key critical role in enhancing your chances for conceiving. Speaking of a healthy diet, your meals must contain all the required macro nutrients like proteins, healthy carbs, fibers, healthy fats and so on.

This way, you can always keep your health and body in the right shape while the fertility clinics in mumbai are doing their job simultaneously.


As we are talking about exercising, we aren’t advising you to lift heavy weights. Its understood that you are undergoing an IVF treatment so you must ensure following a light exercising routine that involves brisk walking, yoga or meditation.

This way, you can always keep your blood circulation in check while ensuring the proper and healthy functioning of your body at the same time.

IVF Treatment

What not to do during the IVF treatment?

Avoiding smoking and alcohol

ivf doctors mumbai have advised against the consumption of alcohol and tobacco during the IVF treatment. According to certain researches and studies conducted by a group of medical experts, it has been confirmed that the harmful chemicals and compounds present in these alcoholic beverages and cigarettes can lower your chances of conceiving.

Hence, as you are you trying to improve your chances of conceiving with the help of an IVF treatment, it would be quite illogical to minimize your chances with smoking or alcohol consumption.

The intake of coffee and other caffeinated beverages

Just like alcohol and tobacco, the over consumption of coffee, tea and other caffeinated drinks can result in to the reduction of your chances to conceive during an IVF treatment. Researchers conducted by a group of medical experts in California have confirmed that excessive intake of caffeine can minimize your conception chances by around 50%.

So, as you’re dreaming of realizing your parenthood dreams by getting in touch with the best IVF clinic, we won’t recommend you to dent those chances by getting addicted to an unhealthy routine and lifestyle.

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