29 Aug

While IVF has emerged as one of the best treatments for Infertility issues in couples around the world, there are still some people who carry their own set of myths about it. Moreover, even if they get themselves convinced for a treatment via IVF for their Infertility issues, there are a lot of questions which keep on doing rounds within their minds. Therefore, they must prepare themselves well ahead before paying their first visit to an IVF center.

Though we understand that most of the thoughts that surround the mind of a person going for an IVF treatment remain around the treatment process, it’s still better to be prepared with a list of questions and other pre-requisites before visiting an IVF center for the first time.

How to go about the First meeting?

The Visit would generally commence with a precise interface with your doctor and nurse coordinator to perform a detailed analysis of your situation. It would be only after the Medical professionals ascertain your medical condition, they would be able to plan further treatments and diagnostics required. Moreover, the whole process would take somewhere around an hour and you must be patient enough to stay in focus during the entire consultation.

Carry along all the Pre-required Documents

You must also carry all the relevant documents and required diagnostics details along with you while going for the first visit at the IVF center. This will help not only the Doctor to properly analyze your medical history, but also create a plan for further treatments and Diagnostics.

Carry your list of Questions in mind

Always gather your thoughts and prepare an exhaustive list of questions for your first Visit. This would include your Infertility issues and the treatment options you are seeking from the IVF center. This would surely help you have a better understanding of the conversation and help you clear all or at least most of your doubts.

Take a Note of “Points to remember”

Many of us have a tendency to forget things fast and this rule will also apply to the discussions during your first Visit. Whatever conversation you have with your Doctor may not stay in your mind for long and this is why you must make note of all crucial points during your Visit.

Going along with your partner

While medically you might not require your partner on your first visit, you can still take them along just to stay comfortable with their presence around. Though most of the interaction would be between you and the fertility specialists, your partner will definitely lend you much needed moral support during your first Visit!

Other required details

You must also carry along a detailed list of some of the other things like the Medicines and Drugs you are currently taking, details about any present or past medical condition of you or your partner, details about your attempts to attain pregnancy and so on. This would ultimately help your respective IVF doctor and embryologist to tailor make the best possible solution for your Infertility issues.

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