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09 Jul

IVF treatment is a procedure that requires some good patience and dedication on course from the person under observation. While the fertility expert and the doctor at Global IVF Fertility Center Mumbai will be taking care of the treatment and the medicinal part, you just need to take care of your daily diet and lifestyle accordingly.

Speaking of the right diet, there are certain Do’s and Don’ts that you must go with religiously in order to get the best out of your IVF treatment at Global IVF Fertility Center, Mumbai . While most of the people pay utmost attention to the ‘what to eat’ aspect, they usually miss out on the other part.

List of Don’ts during the IVF treatment


Alcohol consumption is one of the first things that are strictly prohibited during IVF treatment. It’s been demonstrated by various studies and researches by specialists around the globe that the consumption of Alcohol restrains the odds of pregnancy in females.

Additionally, with regards to men, overconsumption of Alcohol regularly prompts low sperm count and sperm quality deterioration in the process.

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The same goes for Tobacco also which may result in early menopause in Women, while eventually leading to low fertility in the end. With regards to men, Tobacco is frequently identified with creating random issues in regards to sperm quality and it’s production in their body.


Health specialists around the world recommend cutting down of caffeine and related products right from the beginning of 3 months before the IVF treatment. Besides, it’s additionally been stated that as little as one cup of coffee can limit down your chances of conceiving via IVF by 50 %. This can likewise prompt the decrease of sperm count while also affecting its quality to a greater degree.

List of Do’s during the IVF treatment

A Healthy Diet

All the Medial specialists additionally suggest the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in higher amounts to keep your body stronger and more conducive to pregnancy in the long run. Pineapple is considered as one such natural product as it contains a component called Bromelin which is said to be useful in making the cervical mucus more “clingy” and helping it to be more useful during the implantation.

You can likewise go for Walnuts which are rich in Omega 3, vitamin B and other key nutrients that act as great support during the IVF treatment.

Added Supplements

Your body may require some extra energy and nutrition during the IVF treatment and this is where regular diet must be supported by the addition of certain supplements. Supplements like Folic Acid, Zinc, Selenium, EFA’s, Vitamins A, C and E, L-Arginine, and L-Carnitine are enthusiastically prescribed to increase the chances of pregnancy in women.

Besides the right diet, you must also go for some light exercising routine during the IVF treatment. While the hardcore exercises are a big “No” during the IVF treatment, Mild activities and yoga are highly recommended. You can likewise go for acupuncture therapy or different other body-relaxing techniques to boost your mood within the process.

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