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02 Sep

With the onset of this pandemic situation around, the life of every human being around has come to a standstill. While that is happening, even the fertility domain didn’t remain untouched to the same situation.

Moreover, it can be said that while this domain was already been surrounded by a lot of myths and misconceptions, the current situation has added more fuel to it.

People are coming up with a notion that women that are undergoing IVF treatment or any other fertility treatment are more prone to get caught with the covid-19 virus due to their low immunity.

Myths will remain myths and you cannot do much about them. Still, if you are someone who has recently gone through embryo implantation or oocyte retrieval and concerned about the follow-ups in the current pandemic situation, the following pointers can certainly help.

How IVF clinics are ensuring a healthy delivery and other treatments amidst this covid-19 situation ?

IVF process is carried out within a la facility while taking care of all the cleanliness and hygiene beforehand. Also, the whole process undergoes in the supervision of an IVF expert, so you don’t really need to worry about the virus situation in this respect.

Also, once you are through with the embryo implantation process, you just have to follow the required precautions like the normal conception. That said, let’s take a look at various doubts and questions that have concerned most of the women who are seeking a way to realize their motherhood dreams via IVF.

IVF Center in Mumbai

Q1. Is there a chance that the mother undergoing the IVF treatment can transfer the covid-19 virus to her future baby ?

A. Although, there hasn’t been any case yet where a mother has passed on the virus to her future baby, this can still happen. Now, this is where all the women looking forward to the IVF treatment must get themselves tested for the virus infection.

Besides getting tested, they must also opt for the best and most feasible ivf clinics India, with the best hygiene and cleanliness.

Q2. Can the covid-19 virus impact the health and well being of the fetus ?

A. Numerous medical researchers and scientists are still looking through to the same fact and there isn’t any confirmed case yet where any threat to the health and wellbeing of the fetus has been traced.

Q3. How to go about testing and consultation during this pandemics situation ?

A. You can always use the digital way of communications to seek consultation from your fertility specialist in this pandemic hour. You can visit fertility clinics Mumbai, in case of a mandatory routine check-up or any kind of testing or diagnosis required.

Now, while you do that, check through the social distancing measures and other precautions taken by the ivf clinic in Mumbai, to check the spread of the covid-19 virus within their facility.

Q4. What homebound precautions one must take during their pregnancy period ?

A. You must take good care of your diet, routine and overall health while staying at home only. Consider opting for a healthy and balanced diet while avoiding any kind of processed or packaged foods from outside.

Also, go for a mild exercising routine or even yoga, in order to keep your weight and blood circulation in check. Still, while you do that, keep in touch with your fertility expert or doctor.


The Covid-19 situation has left everyone clueless about their health and wellbeing. Hence, even when you are undergoing an IVF treatment, you must take as many precautions as you can until the situation gets normal.

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