04 Jan

Finding the right specialist is a daunting task, be it for any cause like Infertility, Gynecology, Obstetrician or any other. Any couple battling with infertility knows what it is to find the right doctor for them. Generally if a couple has tried to conceive for one year whilst having unprotected sex, and are unsuccessful, there are high chances of Infertility issues with either of the partner. There are a number of fertility treatments available and you must pick the one that is most suited for your specific case. There are few things that you must keep in mind before choosing your fertility doctor.

Success rate of the fertility clinic:

While the high success rates can look very attractive and indicate a well functioning fertility clinic, this might not be very true always. There are many different ways of reporting as well as interpreting success rates. The actual success rates can be interpreted by seeing the live birth rate rather than counting the number of cycles that end up in pregnancies. Therefore, you must verify a clinic’s success rates with a trusted authority or review this from their past clients in the process. This would give you a clear picture of what to expect during your fertility treatment with that clinic.

Reputation of the fertility specialist:

Once you are convinced about the success rate of the fertility specialist, you must now check about his or her reputation. You can check this up from Social media or get in touch with some of their past clients and patients he or she has treated. This would again help you in getting into your fertility journey with the person or the clinic with a positive frame of mind. A better reputation might not necessarily guarantee better results but it would definitely ensure you of best possible efforts for your specific case.

Staff of the clinic:

The behavior of the staff also matter a lot as it is very important that the patient is comfortable and in a very relaxed and positive state of mind through out the process. This point carries a lot more weightage than it seems, as the fertility treatments are notorious for taking an emotional toll on the patients. An empathetic staff with their positive, kind and cheerful words can make the fertility journey a lot easier.

Global Fertility Solution: Dreaming, conceiving and delivering happiness:

The fertility journey has huge emotional and physical impact on the patients and a caring and compassionate fertility specialist can work wonders for you. We at Global Fertility Solution take this aspect very seriously and are committed to not just deliver exceptional success rates, but also make our patients’ journey with us a memorable one – something that they can remember fondly every time they look at their baby! Our patients’ happiness is the key to our success and a motivation for us to keep delivering the best results.

Mrs Goral Gandhi have constantly been admired and loved for the emotional strength and support they have provide to their patients. With patients pouring in so much of love, they feel the vision with which they established Global Fertility Solution is being achieved!

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