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03 Jul

Infertility has come up as a curse to numerous couples around the world and while IVF can be termed as a boon to all these struggling couples. There are still people around the world who are unaware of this treatment. Moreover, many countries around the globe provide world-class IVF treatment at low costs, but India still always stays as the primary destination for all such patients. These couples can save big on their medical expenses. Global IVF Fertility Center in India uses the latest technology and medical knowledge to let you utilize your time and money in the best manner possible. That said, lets take a look at some of the biggest reason for India to be termed as the best alternative to European and American IVF medical treatments.

Best Doctors along with Finest Medical Services

The Doctors in Global IVF Fertility Center Mumbai, have got their medical degrees and training from the best medical schools across the globe. While performing the treatments with great perfection, Indian endocrinologists post and write for several medical journals regarding fertility treatments across many parts of the world. Moreover, all the equipment they use for the medical treatments has been brought from one of the most reputed manufacturers in the world like the inverted microscopes from the Japanese company – Olympus, IVF catheters from London’s Rocket and IVF culture medium from Scandinavia’s VitroLife. Moreover, their knowledge and expertise with the best medical equipment around make them the best in the profession.

IVF Clinics Mumbai

Big on Savings

An IVF cycle in the United States usually costs around $10,000, but when it comes to IVF clinics in India, it only cost around $3,500 for a complete IVF cycle. This fee includes all of the medical procedures in the IVF cycles, including laboratory tests, scans, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer. When we talk in general, a complete IVF cycle at IVF clinic in Mumbai, using donor eggs comes at the cost of around $7,000, including the payment for the egg donor, while an IVF with embryo adoption comes at the cost of $5,000.

Higher Success Rates

Although, the IVF success rate depends on several factors like age, nature of infertility, quality of the egg, sperm and embryo, the flexible nature of the medical procedures along with the low costs of all the additional treatments still ensures a better IVF treatment at Global IVF Fertility Center Mumbai. Although, Medical facilities are of top-notch quality and well-trained staff, there is no such government regulation in India in regards to IVF. This comes as a boon to all those couples who have gone disappointed with their IVF treatment in other countries. This makes India an IVF haven for all of them.

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