24 Oct

Predicting Your Ovulation : Ovulation is a process when the female body releases eggs from its ovaries and while there is no proven method to determine or predict when you are going to ovulate, there are still many ways that can make you predict its occurrence to a great extent.

The Calendar Method : The Calendar method works best when you have a regular cycle and it’s also been termed as standard days method. To predict your ovulation, you simply have to count back 14 days from the day you expect your succeeding period. The fertile window would then be consisting of the day when you ovulate along with the five days before that. For example, if today is the day 1 of your period and day 28 is the day before you expect your next period, you’d be fertile on days between 10 and 15.

Although this method is one of the most convenient ways to predict your fertile window, you cannot completely count on its accuracy. This is because ovulation rarely happens exactly 14 days before menstruation.

Using an Ovulation Predictor Kit : You can also use an Ovulation Predictor kit. It  is an another way of predicting your fertile window by having a check on your hormone levels. Though it must be remembered that this process doesn’t work perfectly for all women and it comes in two different types.

The first kit tests your urine while the other one tests the saliva in order to predict the Ovulation process.The one which tests the urine usually indicates whether the luteinizing hormone (LH) has gone up, which would ultimately result in one of your ovaries releasing an egg soon. On the other hand, the saliva test includes usage of a microscope in order toidentify a certain pattern in your dried saliva that further indicatesan upsurge in estrogen levels which generally occursat a time before the ovulation process.

Track your cycle : While getting through above mentioned tests and diagnosis, you can also check some subtle changes in your basal body temperature (BBT), cervical mucus, and cervical firmness till few cycles in order to predict your Ovulation.

Once you will be noting all these pointers out while keeping a check on the pattern followed, you would then be able to predict the next Ovulation.

Other Related Symptoms : There have been cases where women have informed about various other symptoms during ovulation, like spotting or cramping. Although this can not surely be confirming about the Ovulation process, it would still play a helpful role in ascertaining the Ovulation process when used along with the calendar, OPK, or charting methods.

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