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24 Apr

Studies have shown that more than 15% of couples across the globe are now been affected by various fertility issues. While most of them found a ray of hope in ART treatment options like IVF and IUI, others are counting on surrogacy as an effective way to realize their parenthood dreams.

Fortunately, besides all the above mentioned options, there are few natural ways to boost your fertility. In fact, various medical experts and fertility clinics in Mumbai have affirmed that bringing certain dietary and lifestyle changes can help a person to boost their fertility by almost 70%.

That said; let’s have a look at some of the key tips in the same regards.

1. Load your platter with food items that are rich in antioxidants

According to a study conducted by a reputed medical institute on couples undergoing IVF treatment, it was been found that people who are taking various antioxidants supplement have a 23% greater chance of conception than the other lot.

Another study in the same regards by fertility clinics India has concluded that men with higher antioxidant intake have shown tremendous improvement in their sperm quality.

This is where the intake of fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts is highly recommended for people that are undergoing any kind of infertility treatment.

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2. Avoid the intake of Trans-fats

Now the same study by Mumbai fertility clinic has also concluded that women with lower trans fat consumption have shown lower risks of ovulatory infertility. Trans-fats are highly associated with increasing the risk of ovulatory infertility, simply due to their negative impact on insulin sensitivity.

It has also been claimed that practicing a diet higher in trans fats and lower in unsaturated fats can also result in infertility in both men and women.

Trans-fats are usually found in processed food items, fried food, baked food, and food prepared in hydrogenated vegetable oils.

3. Have a ‘Kingsize’ breakfast

Having a substantial breakfast has always been the key to good health and the same fact has always been marketed by various health experts for ages. Now, it has been observed that having a ‘king-size breakfast” can actually help a woman in improving the hormonal effects of PCOS, that is often been deemed as a major reason for infertility in women.

It has been confirmed by the medical experts that consuming most of the calories in breakfast can significantly reduce the insulin levels and testosterone levels in a women’s body. The studies have also concluded that women that had substantial breakfast has ovulated 30% more than the other lot.

4. Lower down the carbs intake

Lowering your carbs intake can actually help you in maintaining a good weight while further reducing down your insulin levels. This would then trigger the weight loss process while also helping in regulating the menstrual process in women.

This is the reason why low carb intake is especially recommended to women with PCOS. As per the fertility experts, high carb intake can significantly increase the risk of infertility in women and that’s where they are always been recommender to get along with a healthy diet that is lower in carbs.

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