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04 Dec

Once a couple decides to get along with an IVF treatment, random decisions and judgments need to be taken according to the needs and requirements of the treatment.

One such key decision is to bring an egg donor to the IVf treatment. If the female partner has been diagnosed with certain infertility issues and a situation has been created where she cannot lend her eggs for the IVF treatment, the couples have to bring in an egg donor to proceed with the IVF treatment.

Once an Egg donor is matched and tested for any kind of physical, medical or mental health issues, the ivf india Mumbai can then start with the treatment process.

Even though there are certain misconceptions in relation to the egg donation process, the continued medical advancements have put more light on the same aspect of IVF treatment in recent times.

How egg donation is critical for IVF treatment?

An egg donor is a person who is willing to donate her eggs to the intended parents while helping and supporting them for the conception process. The overall process undergoes in an egg donation clinics in Mumbai under the expert management and supervision of an IVF expert. These are the experts who will then conduct random diagnosis and tests while helping the couple with their IVF treatment.

An egg donor is quite critical for the success of the IVF treatment. If the female partner has diagnosed with certain infertility issues, the embryologist clinic in india have to fertilize the eggs after securing the sperm from the intended father and eggs from the donor.

The egg donation process kick starts as the best embryologist in Mumbai diagnose the physical and mental health of the egg donor before bringing her on board with the IVF treatment. During the process, the menstrual cycle of the intended mother and that donor gets matched and the person is then get readied for the embryo transfer process.

You can also call it an embryo adoption process and look around for certain clinics and centres that are undertaking embryo adoption process in India. Once the physical and mental health of the donor has been checked the IVF expert will then get along with the IVF process in the lab facility after the extraction of eggs from the ovaries of egg donor.

After the embryo is fertilized, it is then been placed into the womb of the intended mother. The ivf treatment india Mumbai or the embryologist will then check and monitor the conception process further.

Egg Donation Clinics in Mumbai

Who can be an egg donor?

There are no standard requirements for being an egg donor and the rules and guidelines differ from country to country. Still, the medical experts have specified a standard procedure and Performa to make an egg donor qualify for the IVF treatment.

• Even though its mostly about the physical and mental health of the egg donor, she must be coming within the age group of 21-35.

• The Egg donor has to come along with the required height and weight according to the needs of the intended parents.

• The Donor must not be coming onboard with any kind of addiction for alcohol or drugs

• The women must be comfortable while providing every details and information regarding her medical history to the IVF clinic and the same information must also include details regarding her general health, gynecological history and any sort of surgery earlier

• The candidate must also agree to undergo a detailed gynecological examination.

• The candidate further needs to undergo detailed list of tests and diagnoses in order get her medical, mental, sexual, and genetic conditions checked.

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