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This technology of egg freezing is a boon for women today who need to or wish to delay their pregnancy due to medical needs or any other reasons or priorities. After ICSI, egg freezing is the next big technological advancement in the field of fertility. SIMPLY PUT, using this technique, women can get pregnant at the time of their choice. Let us read about a few things that each woman who is thinking about egg freezing must know:

Eggs should be frozen at a young age but not at a very young age: The highest live birth rate from previously frozen eggs is reported to be from women who are below the age of 30 years. However, women usually decide to freeze their eggs between 30 to 40 years. Currently, the average age at which women are freezing their eggs is 37 years. However, this is already late.

It is true that freezing the eggs at a much younger age may result in a good number of high-quality eggs being frozen, but at this minor age, you would not be sure if you will have the need to use them in the future ever. You might just conceive naturally. For best results, women should freeze their eggs ideally before the age of 33 and definitely before the age of 36. The quality and quantity of eggs are usually good till this age and these are the women who are most likely to use frozen eggs in the future.

You might need to undergo this procedure many a time to be successful: Research suggests that women should seek to freeze 15 eggs in order to have a reasonable chance of future pregnancy. The number of eggs collected at the time of retrieval depends on the age of the woman undergoing the process, her ovarian reserve, and how she responds to the stimulation. Some women may produce 15 eggs after the first cycle while some have to go through extra rounds of the same procedure in order to achieve a good amount of eggs after the process.

Egg freezing saves a lot of your money in the long run: If one doesn’t conceive at the right time or infertility hits them at the wrong phase of their lives, the cost of medication and treatment might just be a bit too hard on the pockets. While freezing your eggs at the right time and age might just save you considerable financial, physical, and emotional trauma, while offering you peace of mind.

Egg freezing can be the best option while you are having serious health issues: If you have been diagnosed with health conditions like cancer, freezing is the best option to go for. Chemotherapy affects the ovaries so it is safe to preserve your eggs in advance. Chemotherapy even puts the woman in early menopause so the thought of egg freezing on time, when she is medically fit can help her attempt a successful pregnancy later.

You are likely to lose eggs along the way: The more eggs frozen more likely the chances of a woman to get pregnant. Every woman depending on her age needs to freeze different quantities of eggs. To have a 75% chance of live birth a woman aged 34 would need to freeze ten eggs, a 37-year-old would need to freeze 20 eggs, and a woman aged 42 would need to freeze 61 eggs to have the same success rate. Throughout these processes many eggs are lost, for example, a 36-year-old could produce 15 eggs after stimulation but some of the eggs may not be mature enough or suitable for freezing.

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