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Egg freezing is definitely the most important and the most looked out option by today’s generation because of the lifestyle and the routine people have now a days. The advancing techniques and technologies in cryopreservation have made this option an easy choice to opt for ladies who wish to get pregnant, but at a later stage in life.

Now-a-days life is fast and progressing unlike early days. There are priorities like education, career and relationships which are important to be maintained. But whilst we are learning to handle the responsibilities of life the biological clocks keeps moving at its own pace. Egg freezing is the best way to maintain balance between the biological clock and the raiding responsibilities. It is true that societal and workplace pressures make difficult for the working women tom have babies during their most fertile years of life.

How Egg Freezing keeps your pockets happy:

Egg freezing can be a very significant yet a wise decision to take for women who have just stepped in the professional world. Women who get their egg frozen at one point of time and use them later are known to save a lot as younger eggs (eggs collected at a young age) give a high success rate in the process of IVF rather than the eggs that have aged along with you.

Egg Freezing process:

The process of Egg freezing consists of the following steps:

  • Initial tests and monitoring: The process of egg freezing just like any other medical examination begins with some initial tests to determine the health of the ovaries and what dose of medication will be required for the ovarian stimulation. Throughout this process several trips to your fertility clinics is required to check on the progress and the overall development of the follicles with the help of blood tests and ultrasounds.
  • Egg retrieval procedure. After the maturation of follicles a trigger shot is given to induce the final maturation of eggs. This process is followed by the egg retrieval process which takes roughly half an hour to complete. This process is performed under a general anesthesia
  • Cryopreservation.  Right after the eggs are retrieved they are taken to the lab to be frozen. This process is called Oocyte cryopreservation.

Should you freeze your eggs?

You may want to freeze your eggs if you’re:

  • Not ready to have a child at the moment but would like the chance in the future
  • If you are worried about how you are doing on the fertility meter.
  • If you are at risk of any disease or have gone through/ going through a chemotherapy for cancer treatment

You may connect with Goral Gandhi who has decades of experience in Egg freezing, cryopreservation and embryo transfers or with other ace fertility specialists at Global Fertility Solution and talk to them about tests available to check if egg freezing is right for you. You may need to have an egg timer test (AMH blood test) to check your ovarian reserve.

Success rates of Egg freezing:

While egg freezing is an exciting new option for women who wish to delay their pregnancy but this process should not be confused with delaying the family planning decisions. It is always better for a woman to get pregnant at a younger age, but keeping in mind some genuine medical or personal reasons, women may choose to freeze their eggs from the same phase of life and use them when they are ready for childbearing. This process helps to hold the biological clock and not stop it. Not all women have the same biological clock; some might not have enough eggs in their early 20’s while some might be having a very good ovarian reserve even in their late 30’s.

“The power in egg banking is that it allows women to have the freedom to keep looking for the right partner, and alleviates that stress that occurs when a woman is in her late 30s and early 40s and hasn’t quite found the right person,”

We understand that sometimes the cost of IVF can be confusing and that each patient has individual circumstances and treatment needs. That’s why we have trained team and and admin staff who can provide you with accurate cost information so you’re always informed before moving forward. Please feel free to contact Goral Gandhi at +91-9821618106 or mail us at goral@globalfertilitysolution.com

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