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It is good to ask questions and clear your doubts. We at Global Fertility Solution Mumbai are here to solve the slightest of your query related to egg freezing or any other infertility treatment.

What is Egg freezing?

Egg freezing is oocyte (eggs) preservation chosen by women to postpone pregnancy at a later date, whether for medical reasons or for social reasons etc.

The eggs are frozen in labs under suitable favorable conditions and can be used anytime later at the time of conception.

How many eggs do I need to freeze?

According to studies it is seen that women who are under the age of 38 with about 8 eggs stored have 50 percent chances of having a successful conception using those eggs. With the increasing age more eggs are required. For age 35 and below a total of 10-12 eggs are considered okay to be retrieved and stored. In some cases where the female is 40+ the chances of a successful conception are comparatively low as the ovarian reserve has less number of eggs. 20+ eggs are required for women aged 40-44.

Can the medication affect my health later after the treatment?

Fertility medications are considered safe and have undergone various tests to prove their safety. The most common problem related to fertility medicines is ovarian hyper-stimulation. This occurs when the ovaries are stimulated using medicines to retrieve large number of eggs. This condition is more common in women who have PCOS or irregular menstrual cycle.

Are children born using frozen eggs healthy?

The studies on this topic reflects that children born using frozen eggs have same health issues as the normal children who are not born using frozen eggs. Egg freezing has got nothing to do with the health of the child.

How to know if I have good quality eggs or no?

Egg quality majorly depends on your age. Definition of a good quality egg is the one that ends up in successful pregnancy. With the increasing age quality of egg keeps going down hence lowering the chances of a successful conception. There is no particular method to check the health of the egg, but through chromosomal testing of embryos after thawing and fertilizing can determine if the embryo is chromosomally normal or not, which tells a lot about the health of the eggs.

How long can the eggs be stored and still be okay?

Eggs seem to be quite stable once frozen or vitrified, there and not been any limit defined as such for their usage or storage. But normally eggs should be used within 10 years of their storage for best of the results.

How are the stored eggs used?

Eggs frozen with us at Global Fertility Solution Mumbai are stored at suitable temperature and surroundings. Once ready to use they are thawed and inseminated with the semen using ICSI (Intra cystoplasmic sperm injection).After the insemination the embryo is ready to be implanted in the carrier.

How will I know if egg freezing is a viable option for me?

At Global Fertility Solution Mumbai your fertility is assessed by our fertility experts. If a woman decides to plan her pregnancy at a later stage in life due to medical or personal reasons she can choose to freeze her eggs with us. If during the assessment our fertility experts find out that the numbers of eggs produced are less and might go down with age, he/she will recommend you egg freezing. IF you are a cancer patient, there is no better way to preserve your eggs than Egg freezing.

Is the process of egg freezing painful?

The process of egg freezing involves stimulation of ovaries in which you are injected with hormones to produce more eggs. The injections can be a little painful, but it also depends on person to person and their sensitivity towards this problem. After stimulation is the retrieval of eggs which is done under anesthesia in which you won’t feel a thing. During this entire process you might feel bloated, crampy and uncomfortable.

How can I get started?

Once you have decided that you wish to go for the Egg freezing process you can simply call us at +91-9821618106 and get started. Your fertility expert will be In touch with you and guide you towards a successful and a hassle free fertility journey.

The clinic is headed by Goral Gandhi who is a pioneer in the field of egg freezing. She has more than 25 years of experience in the field and has helped setup labs across the world for the same.

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