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While Infertility has already affected the lives of millions of couples around, preserving your fertility at an early age has emerged as a precaution that may be taken into consideration. Egg freezing (preserving a woman’s eggs/oocytes)is becoming a perfect way to maximize your chances of pregnancy at a later date. The process involves egg retrieval, freezing and storage. It is turning out to be a real blessing for women who are yet not ready to have a child, but wish to ensure that they don’t lose out on the race against time as far as their fertility potential is concerned. Unfortunately, people are yet not completely aware about many facts about egg freezing. Egg freezing, though gaining popularity with well-read population, remains largely an unknown topic for many. Let’s take a look at certain key points about preserving your fertility through Egg Freezing:

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Fertility preservation for social or personal reasons to delay childbearing

Sometimes, you may want to start a family, but for some reason, you may wish to postpone it to a later date. It is now possible to preserve your fertility through egg freezing. Although egg freezing doesn’t necessarily guarantee a pregnancy, there is enough evidence in literature that proves that freezing your eggs at a younger age to use them in future is a very effective way of getting pregnant at a later date.

Ensure having a family even while fulfilling your dreams and ambitions

Today’s woman wants to work on her dreams and ambitions and focus on her career. With the help of egg freezing process, she can preserve her eggs for future use. This way, she does not have to choose between her career and her family. She can have both at the correct time.

Why Egg freezing is the best process to preserve your fertility?

Egg freezing can be considered as the best way to preserve fertility of women. Younger the woman when she freezes her eggs, better it is. Moreover, women who are prone to certain health hazards or diagnosed for cancer at an early stage can chose to get their eggs preserved as radiations and chemotherapy hamper fertility. Egg freezing might allow these women to have children from the frozen eggs at a later stage in life, when they are cured of the cancer. Thus, egg freezing ensures that even these young cancer patients can fulfill that dream of having a child and lead a normal family life.

When is the best age to get Egg Freezing?

Different experts around the world have come up with their own Ideologies around the same but still the common notion confirms the age between 24-34 years as the most ideal time to get the Egg Freezing process done.

How does the whole process works?

The fertility specialist performs an assessment of the ovarian reserve to find out the potential yield of the oocytes prior to the cycle. This assessment includes blood tests and ultrasound. It also helps you to find out the necessary dose of medications. The process of ovarian stimulation is quite similar to that in IVF.

The patient is injected with a daily dose of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) to produce multiple eggs in her ovaries. The Women is required to take FSH injections  once a day for a 10 day period. Moreover, a physician monitors the woman’s eggs by checking it via ultrasound and confirms the best time for them to be retrieved eventually. Once the eggs are retrieved, they are evaluated by the Embryologist. The embryologist then uses a process called Vitrification to freeze the oocytes.

The embryologist is the most important person in this egg freezing process. A successful egg freezing depends on the efficiency of the freezing and subsequent thawing process performed by an expert and highly skilled embryologist.

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