29 Mar

“Embryo Transfer- Where the medical science and hopes converge!”

Embryo transfer is the last and the most crucial step in the IVF process. It involves placing of the embryo in the uterus which takes her to the journey of pregnancy. After this step the success of the assisted reproductive technique is judged. The success of the procedure is dependent on how well the embryo implants in the uterus. After this the patient waits for the results of the pregnancy.

The Do’s

Own your health- It is your own body and you know the best!

Bed rest after the process:

It is very common that the female who’s IVF treatment goes unsuccessful begins to blame herself about the failure and then eventually starts regretting about not having enough bed rest after the embryo transfer process. This is quite a myth and as per the most renowned IVF experts also a bed rest of just 20-30 minutes after the Embryo transfer process and the person is allowed to resume with her daily life routine.

Follow the required medicinal course prescribed by the doctor:

The medicines which are prescribed by the IVF specialist after the embryo transfer process must be taken according to the given schedule and timings. This would not only ensure that the IVF treatment cycle go smoothly, but also enhance the overall chances of conceiving for the person under treatment. Also, the person would be undergoing normal bleeding within the same process but that should not make the person get away from the medicines.

Follow the proper dietary schedule:

Whilst the person would be allowed to resume with her daily lifestyle and routine, big time attention needs to be paid towards the dietary aspect of the overall treatment. Talking about the diet part, food rich in folic acid needs to be consumed in good numbers and the person can also involve some basic supplements for the same. Moreover, a balanced diet rich in basic nutrients like Vitamins, minerals, Protein and Fiber needs to be followed alongside in order to keep the body and mind healthy at the same time.

Avoiding strenuous activities:

Usually after an embryo transfer a very normal life can be led without giving much thought about if something unusual has happened with you. But just to be on the safer side the doctors prescribe a non strenuous activity schedule so that it doesn’t affect the patient or the embryo. Yoga and meditation are prescribed to keep peace and be mentally relaxed.

The Don’ts

Avoid Heat and unwanted stress:

The person is specially been advised to stay away from heat, heating pads, hot bottle usage and Hot bath This is said to be impacting the uterus of the person after the embryo transfer process and exposure to heat might push her fetus to go through neural tube defect as a result. On the other side, the person is required to stay positive  and stress free and can look up to some good things like listening to music, doing yoga and so on, in order to keep the mind and  body in shape.

Avoid heavy workout after the Embryo transfer:

One of the next things which the person needs to take care is staying away from all types of heavy workouts as that might result in putting extra stress on both body and the reproductive organs during the IVF treatment process. Although light workout and brisk walking is still allowed in order to keep the body and health in the right form.

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