08 Aug

A failed IVF can be emotionally and financially devastating for any couple. In recent years the public awareness and acceptance for using IVF as a medium to grow your family has increased but still the donor egg IVF is a little less known and accepted. The old school thoughts and the shame of using someone else’s eggs for one’s own baby is a big barrier that comes in way of success of Donor Egg IVF. Using an egg donor is nothing bad, in fact if someone is able to help you in a way where you couldn’t help yourself – isn’t that a blessing? For women struggling with infertility, using donor eggs can be a bit upsetting.

It has been noticed that the women who are not able to produce enough eggs to be able to fertilize them with the sperm of the partner, can use a donor and increase their chances of having a successful IVF treatment as the most common reason to use an egg donor is the diminished ovarian reserve.

It might be a moral dilemma but yes it is a normal process-

A donor egg IVF process is just as normal as the IVF cycle, only if you don’t think about the “Genetics and all”. For this process and your inner satisfaction you will have to forget about the society. The baby grows in your own body, gets nourished by your blood stream and nutrition. To top it all, it is legal in every part of India unlike “Surrogacy”.

Why should one opt for Donor Egg IVF?

The acceptance for IVF has increased over the years. Couples are more ready and “Okay” with an IVF treatment. But the use of donated eggs is still considered a shame and not talked about much often. Having a child who is not related to you genetically is a “unaccepted practice” in our society. If you have any of the following conditions you can go for an egg donor-

  • Increased age
  • Recurrent miscarriages
  • History of a failed IVF
  • The fear of passing on a genetically transmitted disease
  • Low AMH count
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Decreased ovarian reserve

Donor Egg IVF Process:

With the increasing age of a woman the quality and quantity of eggs produced become less than normal. Using a donor egg for an IVF process is not an easy process, but requires a lot of screening and matching. The process can be put in points like below:

  • Egg donors are selected after intense screening and interview.
  • The couple looking for a donor can choose from a database of donors.
  • The donor and recipient have their cycles synced in such a manner that when the donor prepares herself for the donation the recipients prepares herself for endometrial lining for implantation.
  • The donor eggs are retrieved, fused with the sperm cells and transferred to the recipient’s uterus.
  • The donor and the recipient’s health are then monitored after the process.

Donor Egg IVF at Global Fertility Solution Mumbai:

We at Global Fertility Solution IVF Mumbai have seen patients who have had unsuccessful pregnancies or failed infertility treatments, IVF cycles at other IVF centers etc. We have gone through their emotions and understood the need of a baby in their lives. We specialize in helping patients with tough cases of infertility. The need to understand the role of an egg donor in case a woman is unable to produce her own eggs is normal. The patients here are guided thoroughly and made to understand that “Donor Egg IVF” is a normal process and they are also less expensive than the normal adoption.

Exemplary Fertility Assistance at Global Fertility Solution:

We at Global Fertility Solution Mumbai are one of the best fertility centers in Mumbai which offers many fertility treatments and ART (Assisted reproductive technologies) like IUI, ICSI, Egg donation, IVF, Mini IVF, IVF lite, Donor Egg IVF, etc. Goral Gandhi, Scientific Director, Global Fertility Solution Mumbai, with their expert team of fertility doctors make sure that the patient is treated with utmost care and excellence. Holding a record of successful fertility treatments and exceptional patient care, Global Fertility Solution has become synonymous with excellence and innovation in the field of infertility. If you are looking for a fertility treatment or want to know more about Egg freezing centre in Mumbai please book an appointment with us or speak to our fertility experts now on +91-9821618106.

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