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What is AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone):

AMH or Anti Mullerian hormone is secreted by the follicles in your body, which are responsible for creating the egg reserves. This hormone determines ovarian reserve in other words it defines the quantity but not the quality of follicles in the ovaries. The Anti-Mullerian hormone is closely related to the fertility issue and is of high importance who are trying to conceive. It is used as an ovarian reserve marker.

What are Anti Mullerian hormone levels?

In healthy women, the AMH levels initially increase until early adulthood and then starts to decrease with increasing age. It usually occurs till 5 years before menopause when the follicles start to exhaust. The normal AMH level interpretation is given below:

AMH level Interpretation
Over 3.0 ng/ml High (often an indicator of PCOS)
Over 1.0 ng/ml Normal
0.7 – 0.9 ng/ml Low normal range
0.3 – 0.6 ng/ml Low
Less than 0.3 ng/ml Very low

Do Low AMH levels decide the probability of natural pregnancy?

It is true that AMH is one of the most important hormones that decide the level of fertility in a woman, as it indicates the levels of ovarian reserve in women. If the level of this hormone is low that means the chances of conception are also low, in such cases the assisted reproductive techniques like IVF come into effect as in IVF there are stimulating drugs injected to retrieve eggs cycle by cycle. High AMH means high egg reserve which in turn means more eggs can be retrieved or more “Good quality “ eggs can be retrieved, making fair chances of the IVF process to be successful.

A natural pregnancy requires a natural pathway for conception. The ovaries do not need any kind of stimulation to produce a number of eggs as the only dominant egg goes through in ovulation naturally. When the egg and sperm are on the healthier side fertilization, natural conception will have a good chance to occur.

Specialized Minimal Stimulation IVF (IVF Lite or Mini IVF) protocols for Low AMH :

IVF Lite™ (Mini IVF) offers a holistic approach to fertility care and provides a moderate substitute to Conventional IVF. It involves minimal medication for the stimulation of ovaries to get a few eggs of very good “quality. In IVF Lite™ (Mini IVF), the focus is mainly on getting just 3-5 eggs. Recent evidence has proved that these few eggs are of better quality and have higher chances of fertilization and further developing into a healthy baby. Our Scientific Director Ms. Goral Gandhi have huge experience with IVF Lite (Mini IVF) and have published their results in a peer-reviewed Medical Journal.

In the expert hands of Global Fertility Solution team, our results of IVF Lite (Mini IVF) for poor responders and advanced maternal age (AMA) patients are better than conventional IVF. We have an extremely high pregnancy and live birth rate for this difficult group of patients. In fact, we take pride in the fact that we are successful at getting those patients pregnant with their own eggs, who have been asked to undergo Donor EGG IVF by other IVF centers in Mumbai, India. In fact, IVF Lite works beautifully for all groups of patients, not just poor responders. We believe that IVF Lite (Mini IVF) is the future of IVF in Mumbai.

Exemplary Fertility Assistance At Global Fertility Solution:

Global Fertility Solution is the most trusted fertility center in India offering a complete range of fertility treatments and ART (Assisted reproductive technologies) like IUI, ICSI, Egg donation, IVF, etc. Mrs. Goral Gandhi, Scientific Director, Global Fertility Solution, with their expert team of experts make sure that the patient is treated with utmost care and excellence. With a high track record of successful treatments and exceptional patient care, Global Fertility Solution has become synonymous with excellence and innovation in the field of infertility. If you are concerned about your fertility please book a preliminary appointment or speak to our fertility experts now on +91-9821618106.

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