28 Sep

Motherhood is a divine experience bestowed upon women by GOD! Getting pregnant is like a dream come true! That is what completes a female and makes it different from other sex. The thought of giving birth and producing a life is like a feeling beyond the world. But not all get to experience this natural blessing. The deep bond of love is developed as soon as the pregnancy is discovered. Losing a pregnancy can be heartbreaking for a mother-to-be and it is medically termed as “Miscarriage”. You can’t actually predict the happening of a Miscarriage and it could occur anytime between a Trimester and later stages of the pregnancy. Most of the time, it comes as a Traumatic experience for Pregnant women around the world and this is the main reason every women who comes for an IVF treatment carries a big list of questions in regards to the same. Let’s have a look at some of those below:

How common is the occurrence of Miscarriages?

Miscarriages are quite common in the current context and the possibility of their occurrence can be even before she is aware of her pregnancy. It also usually happens in the first three months of pregnancy, before 12 weeks of gestation. Still Births are fetus loss that happens after 20 weeks of gestation. Thankfully, it happens in only less than 1% of pregnancies. Irrespective of when it happens, and the health of the fetus, a miscarriage is always a shattering event to go through.

What are the Different types of Miscarriages?

Almost 60 percent of Miscarriages come from the mis-grouping of the chromosomes of the egg and sperm when they combine at conception. While majority of the times when the egg and sperm combine, a healthy embryo (Euploid embryo) develops,  there is still that one out of five times when the chromosomes of the egg and sperm don’t fuse in a correct manner and this results I the formation of a embryo with abnormal chromosomes (Aneuploid embryo).  If you have undergo repeated miscarriages, it is advisable to test your embryos for their genetic ad chromosomal content through a treatment called Pre-implantation Genetic Screening and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGS or PGD). You can read more about PGD/PGS on https://globalfertilitysolution.com/treatments/genetic-analysis/pdg/

There are some other reasons and types of Miscarriages which includes abnormalities in a woman’s reproductive organised uterus with huge fibroid, hormonal inadequacy, infection, or harmful environmental influences. We at Global Fertility Solution are here to help you at every step and to ensure that we treat your causes of Miscarriage.

Is it worth trying to diagnose the specific reason for Miscarriage?

A good percentage  of the Miscarriages occur as an accident due to the Mis-combined Chromosomes or Aneuploid Embryos. These embryos can be identified with PGS and only normal, Euploid embryos can be transferred back to the uterus. (https://globalfertilitysolution.com/treatments/genetic-analysis/pdg/ ).

In cases of an anatomic, hormonal, environmental, infectious, or genetic abnormality, proper diagnosis and test can surely help the person to avoid the occurrence of a miscarriage in future pregnancies.

Moreover, for all those women who have more than three Miscarriages during their Pregnancies, a proper diagnosis and treatment can very much avoid miscarriages in the future.

What can be done by Pregnant women to avoid Miscarriages?

There are certain basic things that a woman must take care of before her pregnancy period. They should go through all the required medical tests in order to check any past medical history in regards to her and her family members.

The pregnant woman also needs to eat a balanced diet and consume foods rich in Folic acid while staying away from Alcohol and Smoking as much as possible. She can also take some Multi vitamin tablets to help in the development of the baby.

Last but not the least, the atmosphere in which the pregnant woman is residing should be very pleasant ad should not include any factors that can impart physical or emotional stress to the woman ad her unborn child. While you take care of all those, you can ensure a healthy Pregnancy period all along.


May you never have go through this ever, but remember, as Alexander Graham Bell has said “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

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