Sperm freezing in Mumbai
04 Oct

Egg freezing and sperm freezing is becoming new trend among the career-centered individuals of the 21st century. That said, there are individuals that opt for these fertility preservation alternatives to keep the risk of any potential illness or health complication away from their future child. For example, if…

egg freezing in Mumbai
14 Dec

Egg freezing in Mumbai or even anywhere else needs proper care and more attention than what one thinks about it. The process needs complete assistance from experienced professionals and embryologists, who know well how to keep eggs and sperms safe and protected at the right frozen level. These…

Sperm freezing in Mumbai
29 Sep

It’s time to go for sperm freezing when professional commitments or medical complications interfere with your family planning. Sperm freezing in Mumbai is becoming a popular consideration day by day for its countless benefits and cost-effectiveness. Cost – The average cost of sperm freezing in Mumbai is around Rs 1500-2000.…

27 Aug

It is good to ask questions and clear your doubts. We at Global Fertility Solution Mumbai are here to solve the slightest of your query related to egg freezing or any other infertility treatment.

What is Egg freezing?

Egg freezing is oocyte (eggs) preservation chosen by women to postpone pregnancy at a later date, whether for medical reasons or for social reasons etc.

The eggs are frozen in labs under suitable favorable conditions and can be used anytime later at the time of conception. read more

24 Jun

Egg freezing is definitely the most important and the most looked out option by today’s generation because of the lifestyle and the routine people have now a days. The advancing techniques and technologies in cryopreservation have made this option an easy choice to opt for ladies who wish to get pregnant, but at a later stage in life. read more

20 Feb

This technology of egg freezing is a boon for women today who need to or wish to delay their pregnancy due to medical needs or any other reasons or priorities. After ICSI, egg freezing is the next big technological advancement in the field of fertility. SIMPLY PUT, using this technique, women can get pregnant at the time of their choice. Let us read about a few things that each woman who is thinking about egg freezing must know: read more