IVF Lite in Mumbai
06 Sep

Assisted reproduction techniques are getting advanced day by day. With the use of better techniques, fertility has become easier now! IVF treatments involve stimulation of the ovary by gonadotropin hormone to improve the number of eggs. IVF techniques are considered a boon for couples with fertility issues. Oho! But the traditional IVF comes with several undesirable side effects, expensive and inconvenient treatment protocols. That’s where Global IVF and Fertility Center came up with IVF lite in Mumbai.

With the advancing age, are you giving up on your future baby? No, now you don’t need to!

IVF lite is an In-Vitro fertilization technique with better chances of success and low cost than conventional IVF. Soft ovarian stimulation is done with a lesser amount of fertility drugs. This IVF lite is easier on the body with no hyperstimulation leading to lesser side effects.

IVF lite in Mumbai

Advantages of IVF lite – 

The IVF lite in Mumbai has got many benefits over the traditional one like –

No resting cycle – unlike traditional stimulation, any resting cycle is required between two treatment cycles in IVF lite. The patient can have regular stimulation cycles for better results. This protocol is best for individuals with poor ovarian reserves.

Cost-effective – It offers a very efficient and cost-effective alternative when combined with Cryotech Vitrification Technology (ACCU-VIT).

Better-quality embryos – It only retrieves a few eggs in each cycle. These eggs are of better quality which ultimately leads to better quality embryos. Thus, quality is better than normal IVF.

Lesser side effects – Only soft stimulation of the ovary is done with a lesser amount of drugs. This compensates for few or no side effects of IVF lite.

Convenient – A more convenient and safe method than IVF.

IVF lite procedure – 

Step 1 – Softer stimulation – low dose of Gonadotropins and GnRH antagonist injections are used for soft stimulation of the ovary.

Step 2 – Monitoring follicles- After the stimulation, ovarian follicles are being monitored until maturation.

Step 3 –Retrieving eggs – eggs are retrieved after 34-36 hours of HCG trigger.

Step 4 – Collection of sperms – a semen sample is collected from the male partner or the frozen sperms are being used.

Step 5 – Fertilisation – the eggs and sperm are fertilized under suitable laboratory conditions for embryo formation. The embryos are then frozen on day 2 or day 3

Step 6 – Embryo transfer – If implantation is possible, the embryo is transferred into the female body for further development.

IVF lite is ideal for? 

When it comes to IVF treatment in Mumbai, the group of individuals who are mainly benefited from this procedure is poor responders, women above the age of 40, with previous multiple conventional IVF failures, hyper-responders, or women with PCOS. Not just these groups but the normal infertile couples are also benefited from this procedure as it has got many advantages over the traditional one.

Global IVF and Fertility Center is one of the best fertility clinic in Mumbai with low cost and effective IVF procedures. Global has expertise in managing poor ovarian response with our gentle ovarian stimulation protocols. Now, your fertility is our responsibility!

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