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06 Feb

As similar as any other fertility treatment Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) has both advantages and disadvantages. As it is an artificial way of fertility and all the procedure related to it happens in a lab, this treatment has a certain risk, but where there is a risk there is a hope of success. This treatment has benefits along with disadvantages and the success rate is very high. ICSI posses so many benefits for the infertile man, a same-sex couple who wants to have their own child and also for a single parent. This treatment has become a light of hope for many people and indeed one of the most popular treatments.

ICSI is typically used for male infertility that includes:

  1. Abnormal shape of the sperm or Teratozoospermia.
  2. Poor motility of the sperm or Asthenozoospermia.
  3. Extremely low count of sperm or Oilgosperm.

In case of man’s producing sperm but the count is zero while ejaculation, it is achievable to retrieve the sperms through a process known as testicular sperm extraction or TESE. Art IVF ICSI is an essential procedure for TESE. This treatment is also necessary while sperm retrieval is achieved through the man’s urine, i.e., in retrograde ejaculation case.


ICSI is not only used in male infertility case, but it has several other uses:

  1. Use of Frozen oocytes: In case of egg acclimation, the egg shell becomes harden because of freezing that complicates the process of fertilization and ICSI can overcome the problem.
  2. Lack of fertilized eggs while prior IVD cycles: In case of good egg retrieved and a healthy number of sperms but no fertilization ICSI is used.
  3. Use of frozen Sperms: ICSI is used when the frozen sperms don’t look healthy.

What are the advantages of ICSI?

ICSI is a procedure of sperm ejaculation into the egg through direct ways that eliminates the infertility of male. Though there is no guarantee of a hundred per cent success of this procedure but it helps in improving all the odds by removing the main element that leads to infertility in male. There are several factors that needed for a successful ICSI procedure such as motility, Sperm count, and morphology. These factors allow the sperm to reach the egg for the fertilization. The main reason for the male infertility is low sperm count, motility and poor morphology and ICSI is a perfect solution for this. This treatment is not only beneficial for the male infertility treatment in mumbai but it also helped a single parent to live parenthood, same sex couples and for the paralyzed one who has an unalterable vasectomy.

What are the disadvantages of ICSI?

ICSI has some disadvantages as it defeats the natural process of sperm selection. Nature decides the best sperms that have the best genetic material to access the egg in order to increase the chances of fertilization and this treatments works in a different way. Eliminating the natural way and adapting artificial procedure cannot guarantee you a healthy genetic material or a hundred per cent success rates.

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