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14 Feb

As per the reports, the rate of infertility of Indian Couples has decreased by more than 50% in recent times. The rate of fertility has decreased considerably in the last 5 years as referenced from outcomes of the surveys.

On communication with Goral Gandhi, scientific director and IVF expert, Global Fertility Solution Mumbai, to comprehend and cram the rapid fall in fertility rate particularly in the built-up inhabitants and the ascend of fertility hubs in India and abroad.

Global Fertility Solution is a well-known clinic in Mumbai which serves as the leading infertility clinic in India and has already treated 20 international patients on estimation and about 40 domestic patients within a month. Goral Gandhi believes that “the teams of Global Fertility Solution go after proper analysis of patients beside with principled observation and appropriate comfort of all patients that erect a pedestal in maintaining our patients as we vow to provide them superiority services beside with elevated triumph rates”.

IVF Treatments Mumbai

Goral Gandhi on “Cause of infertility”

According to Goral Gandhi, the mounting infertility rate is chiefly because of the irregular and unhealthy routines that half of the youth is following these days. Habits such as obesity, smoking, regular consumption of alcohol and other harmful things, affecting the reproductive cycle of both women and men. Other bigger reason for the mounting rate of infertility can be taking stress unnecessarily regularly. There are several other medical reasons too, such as blocked fallopian tubes which is a one of the chief cause that results in infertility. Today, people have become career-driven and because of this they lose their focus on their health instead work more on making money. The young girls are breaking stereotypes as far as marriages are concerned because of which infertility level increases so fast and the chances of fertilization decrease by the time they decide to settle down. An expert in Egg freezing, Goral Gandhi has well-equipped labs and facilities to serve the young ladies to overcome the situation connected with their biological clocks by regaining their eggs and freeze them until they want to have a baby.

Goral Gandhi

As per the instructions of Goral Gandhi, the accurate diet must be follow contented with nutrients and not lack any nutrients as insufficient food consumption can cause infertility again. Foodstuff such as whole fats, fish, dark chocolates, eggs, black beans, almonds, legumes, yoghurt, and bell pepper along with a habit of regular workout, brisk walk and yoga as it boosts fertility.

How to cope up with fertility according to the fertility expert?

The built-up inhabitants today must follow a routine and adapt healthy practices that include exercise and yoga instead of consumption of alcohol and smoking. As per the research, quitting smoking and regular consumption of alcohol will help.

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