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A family is a bond that is longed and desired by all. In the age of latest advancements in the medical techniques and procedures, IVF is one technology that has recently grown its roots in all directions. The couples fighting infertility have been highly grateful to this invention of science and technology.  While there are many known answers about IVF to the couples there are many that are still confused with irrelevant information. Some common questions about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)-

What exactly is IVF?

IVF is the most common form of assisted reproductive technique used to treat infertility in couples. In this process the eggs are stimulated using fertility medicines to retrieve the eggs. Once eggs are retrieved they are fused with the sperm samples to form an embryo. The resulting embryo is then implanted into the uterus. The pregnancy is then carried out normally.

Is IVF the only option left when I discover I can’t conceive naturally?

Discovering about infertility in you is the most heartbreaking thing ever. Thanks to the technology and techniques like IVF that even the infertile can have a child of their own. But apart from there are other ways also to boost up your fertility levels. The second most common procedure is IUI or Intra uterine insemination. This is actually a preferred option in cases where the sperm count is low or there are donor sperms being used. Apart from these medical procedures there are natural ways as well to boost your fertility. Weight loss, quit smoking or reduced alcohol consumption may improve your chances of conception.

What is the upper age limit for IVF?

The age for IVF is generally assessed for both male and female. The need for an IVF treatment can arise due to the issue in any one of the individual from the couple. In case of women the good age till which IVF can be done is 40 as after that age the quality and quantity of eggs starts to degrade. The eggs from the fresh cycle can be retrieved and stored to be used later via frozen embryo transfer.

Is a natural conception possible after I have gone through the IVF process?

Once you go for an IVF treatment it makes you realize that this might be the only way you can get pregnant in case you wish to repeat the pregnancy in future. This is a very obvious thought that crosses one’s mind.

Having an IVF does not eliminate the reasons for infertility that made you take up this process in the first place. But in some lucky cases it is definitely possible to have a natural pregnancy after you have gone through an IVF process.

How long should I wait before consulting a fertility doctor?

Generally a fertility doctor is consulted after one year of regularly trying to get pregnant. The chances of getting pregnant any month after trying which is natural pregnancy rate is 20%, resulting in roughly 90% of couples becoming pregnant. The rest of the 10% are advised to see a fertility doctor. Generally after the age of 30 women are advised to go for a fertility evaluation assessment after trying for six months to conceive.

How do I know if I am a candidate for IVF?

Generally the symptoms are pretty clear for an IVF treatment. The following symptoms are responsible for any infertility treatment:

  • Ovulation disorders
  • Uterus problems or fallopian tubes problems
  • Endometriosis
  • Low sperm counts
  • Inability of the sperm to penetrate in the cervical mucus
  • How successful is an IVF treatment?

IVF process like any other medical procedure does not give 100% success rates. A successful IVF cycle will depend on many factors like age of the couple, height , weight, fertility quotient of both the partners, the way your egg retrieval has been done, embryologist, embryo transfer, your IVF clinic.

How many cycles of IVF are needed?

The number of cycles required to achieve a successful pregnancy depends on the couple and the clinics success rates. Some get lucky in the first time of the cycle while others have to go through a good number of cycles to be successful.

How costly is IVF?

The IVF process is definitely a little hard on pockets as the process requires number of cycles, medications etc. It also depends on the services you require- if you need egg donor or no. Usually an IVF cycle costs around 1.5 to 2 lacs.

Does undergoing an IVF treatment increase my chance of having twins or triplets?

The most common question asked by the couples undergoing an IVF treatment. The answer actually depends on the number of embryos implanted into the uterus. If a single embryo has been planted then it is impossible to have a multiple pregnancy, in case of multiple embryos transferred there are fair chances for the couple to conceive twins or triplets.

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