Global IVF is one of the Best IVF centre in Mumbai, providing world-class fertility treatment. We specialize in low and no-drug infertility solutions that help women conceive with minimal invasiveness and unparalleled success.

Egg Freezing

All women share a common dream of becoming a mother. Female fertility begins declining in the late 20’s, however conception rates remain high into the 30’s.

It is a gentle approach to fertility care. It differs from Conventional IVF in its use of a minimal amount of medication to stimulate the ovaries so they produce fewer but better quality eggs.

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ivf clinics in mumbai

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ivf center in mumbai

Global IVF Fertility Center

India's most trusted IVF Clinic in Mumbai

ivf hospital in mumbai

Global IVF and Fertility is one of the most preferred IVF Center in Mumbai. Our Treatment works closely with a few other infertility labs to provide excellent, state-of-the-art treatment which makes it an ideal IVF Treatment in Mumbai.

Global IVF and Fertility Center is founded by world-renowned embryologist Goral Gandhi known for her extraordinary contributions to the field of reproductive medicine and embryology since 1995. Established on the pillars of excellence, care, innovation, and over 25 years of experience and expertise, Global IVF and Fertility Center is the place where the journey toward realizing your parenthood dream begins. Dr. Soumya Shetty – Senior IVF & Fertility Specialist, comes with a very rich experience in the field of ART. This highly experienced pair of embryologists and clinicians is ably supported by other team members.

Global IVF Fertility Center is ideally located in the heart of Mumbai and is easily accessible from all parts of the city. Not one but many Mumbai IVF are approached by intended parents for helping them with infertility, we as a  whole team at GIFC is one of the best IVF Treatment in Mumbai which provides low-cost IVF Center in Mumbai. It offers advanced infertility treatment options like IVF, IUI, Male infertility, and Female infertility at affordable IVF treatment costs in Mumbai. It is a base from which your parenthood journey will start. The Expert specializes in highly individualizing and customizing all treatments and our founder Goral Gandhi along with her team takes great pride in taking up difficult cases with multiple failed IVFs and treating them successfully.

5000 +

Babies Delivered

99 %

Success Rate

30 +


75 +

Successful Surgeries

IVF & Fertility Treatments in Mumbai

Global IVF and Fertility Center is one of the best IVF Clinic in Mumbai, India which cover all the fertility options to serve couples in every way possible to make them realize their parenthood dreams. Our services include IVF, Surrogacy, Cryopreservation, IVF Egg, or Sperm Donation for males or female any.


IVF in Mumbi is the process of fertilizing the egg with semen scientifically in the labs where the egg and sperm mix to form an embryo and then transferred to the uterus for the formation of a baby.


It is an ART procedure in which the processed semens are directly placed in the uterus to increase the chances of fertilization in the Fallopian tube


Surrogacy is the procedure where the surrogate volunteers to carry a baby on behalf of the intended mother till the birth and later handover the baby over to them as per the agreement.

Male Infertility

In 40% of males the reproductive problem arises due to inability to deposit the quality sperm in women’s reproductive system.


It is an ART procedure under which the female’s egg is preserved scientifically for later use or getting fertilized later due to any reason whether unprepared to conceive a baby or any medical concerns.

Female Infertility

Female fertility arises due to many factors whether the unproductive organ or medical concerns in the female body. Around 10-15% of females

IVF treatment cost in Mumbai, India

IVF center in Mumbai

The IVF cost in Mumbai can start from 70,000. The cost of IVF treatment increases due to many factors which might be depending on the infertility issues and on the medical history of the couple and you might also get a few other treatments including IVF, ICSI, etc. The IVF treatment cost varies on the location. IVF treatment costs in Mumbai can vary from the cost of other IVF in India. There are many couples who travel to other cities in order to get affordable IVF treatment cycles.

Global IVF Fertility Center is a well-known IUI Clinic in Mumbai, India offers a complete range of assisted reproduction treatments in an atmosphere of personalized care and empathy toward our patients. Our Infertility the best Infertility Specialist and IVF Experts in Mumbai, India who are supported by fully equipped laboratory facilities including genetic testing and counseling. We are the best IVF Treatment in Mumbai, striving to provide impeccable treatment and care in the field of IVF Clinic in Mumbai and other ART methods so that every couple who has difficulty in conceiving gets the best result at the most affordable cost.

What Our Client Says

We are the family of thousands of couples along our side who are not only satisfied with our service but some also volunteered to help by becoming donors after successfully getting their fertility services at Global IVF Fertility Center.

  • The staff is great!!!!! I feel very fortunate to have had such wonderful doctors throughout my IVF journey.

    Client Image
    • Anonymous
  • We were in our late twenties and had been married for four years when we discovered that getting pregnant wasn't as simple as we had anticipated. We met the doctors at Global IVF and fertility center and instantly felt at ease with them.  I never felt like they were out to get my money; instead, I always received honest advice and felt appreciated and cared for. After three failed IUI attempts, we decided to pursue IVF. We were able to freeze 9 embryos and implant one, resulting in a safe full-term pregnancy and the birth of our son, in April of 2018. I never went back on birth control, and we're expecting our second child, conceived spontaneously only 20 months after our first.

    Client Image
    • Mr B and Mrs B
  • You have helped us becoming a parent. No words are there which I could utter to define how we are feeling about everything you have done to us. Adam and I are so happy sitting here holding the little hands of our baby boy. He is such a joy and we are still so mesmerized about how we bring him home and we feel like a complete family now. Thank you so much for everything.

    Client Image
    • Adam & Georgia
  • From beginning to end, my surrogacy journey is greatly handles by the Global Fertility staff. They know how to treat the parents coming there to treat their fertility and the surrogacy process handling was also facilitating. It was such a fulfilling experience to see the baby in my arms and we head home as a family. – Suzain Keil

    Client Image
    • Suzain Keil
  • Initially trusting another person for carrying your baby was difficult for me. Having someone who’ll go through the process, in those cases easing your own mind is imperative. Amanda and the rest of the staff at Global IVF & Fertility Center were with us at every step whether emotionally or physically. We are blessed that we came through the surrogacy option at your door. Thank You!!

    Client Image
    • Josh & Stephanie
  • We started working with Global IVF & Fertility Center after failing through other medical agency and at the time we lost our hopes of having a baby. After meeting your agency we have found our center of joy to which we see every day now in our hands. The GFT team was very supportive, knowledgeable, professional, and caring. We are forever grateful to Global fertility for all the help and joy they filled in our life.

    Client Image
    • K. Arizona
  • It was nice and smooth experience to not to worry about the surrogates we are linking and the money we are imposing in the process. Goral Gandhi helped us understand what we are paying and when, and sent us the statement record of what we are paying with no hidden fee unlike other surrogacy agency we been with, in our earlier times. Thank you for the experience.

    Client Image
    • GV Maryland

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